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The Maine Edge

…And it is a great concept. Crossing that line between reality and fantasy opens up a lot of potential paths, paths that Barrett is gleefully exploring. What we get here is a look at both the highs and the lows – these kids have been granted great powers, yes, and grand adventures, but they’re also dealing with constant danger and the looming truth that their own personalities are fading away, to be replaced by fantasy archetypes. We see this world through their eyes, which lends itself well to more engaging expository elements.

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Books In Her Eyes 

The book went by quite quickly and was entertaining the entire way. I will say I wasn’t expecting this to be a series so I was confused as to why things weren’t progressing faster but, now that I know it makes sense. Everything fits into place.

The characters are all pretty cool and have their own classic fantasy roles. I will admit shock over events once they crossed into the new world.

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